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Yamaha Virago

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I loooove this bike. Unfortunately when I was 8  I really wanted this really cool bike that looked like a Harley Davidson. I mean this thing had a padded seat that fit two, splatter guards and a plastic Harley shaped shell over the whole thing. It was awesome. The unfortunate part was my mom said I could have it if I never bought a real motorcycle. I say this contract was rendered null and void when we moved to Russia and were buying winter jackets. I found one I liked by she thought it was too flimsy. She said “If you can go a whole winter and not ask me for a warmer jacket I’ll give you a million dollars!” Little did she know that was one of the warmest jackets I’ve ever worn, but she never paid. One could argue I’m free to buy a motorcycle now, but my girlfriend says no motorbikes either. Until the day I can break her I guess I’ll just live vicariously through my photos.

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