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Travel anyone? Sponsored post

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This is a sponsored post, I don’t really have any policies on sponsored posts, if I did then I would link you to them, but in the mean time If you want to pay me to write something or provide a link then sure, I’ll do it provided it’s not for porn or mass puppy genocide or something like that. So there you go, I suppose that’s a policy. If you are against me writing for money, then YOU can pay me NOT to put these sponsored posts on MY website and it will remain an ad free area. Enjoy.


I used to travel all the time. At one point I had to get a new passport because the pages were full and there wasn’t any space for new stamps. Not even kidding. Since I moved to Australia I haven’t done all that much traveling at all but last year It started up again when we started getting jobs in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. On the last Brisbane trip I took SOOOOO many photos that it got me interested in travel photography again, so I might start posting some travel photo stuff on here. Of course it’s no secret who my favorite travel photographer is, Trey Ratcliff is freaking awesome, you can find his stuff at Stuck In Customs or in my own gushing post Inspiration Monday – Trey Ratcliff. But I’d like to know who YOUR favorite travel photographers are. I need to feel the inspiration flowing through me!

Here are a couple of photos I’ve taken while traveling…


In the mean time If you’re looking to do some travelling, more specifically looking for cheap flights to orlando then make sure to click that link!

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