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Tim, the koala

Posted in Photography | 2 comments

Guess what!?!?!  Today I was working on Blue Crane when I looked out the window and there was a baby koala drinking from a puddle the rain had left behind! It’s always fun to photograph animals you are used to only seeing in the zoo, so despite the rain we all went outside and tried our best to get photos without giving the poor thing a heart attack. Sure enough, once we were spotted he scurried his little marsupial butt into the nearest gum tree. I have since named him…Tim. Sorry for the less than great image quality, but the lens kept getting wet and I had to wipe it with my shirt. Click the images to make them bigger, because he can be a little hard to see.


  1. You should’ve called him Bill. Has a better ring to it.

  2. Ahhh yes, or maybe even Blinky!

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