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This isn’t a post.

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Sorry folkaroonies, there isn’t going to be a post today. For those of you who don’t know, on the 24th of August Nikon is making some kind of worldwide announcement and this makes me so excited that I’m going to have to call up the dictionary people and tell them to paste my photo over the definition of “giddy”. I hope they use this photo:

I might as well have them re-define “classy” while I’m at it. Intersting side note, going to and hitting refresh a bunch of times will not speed up time, but it will make it seem like you’ve slowed time down. Bummer. So yeah, any more mentions of cameras or camera related things is going to get stuff thrown at me in my house, which means it’s out of site out of mind till 5 pm tomorrow. That’s 12am American time which apparently when we can expect the news. Or maybe they meant the 12am on the 23rd-24th crossover and not the 12am 24-25th crossover? GAH! I HAVE TO GO LOOK!!! I’ll keep you posted whenever they do end up announcing anything. Adios.

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