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Switzerland Pt2: Germany!

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Part 3

After Two days in Switzerland we were picked up by our driver to start our journey to the black forest. It was supposed to be a self-driving tour with a pre-programmed GPS unit but since Violet doesn’t have a licence and I haven’t driven in two years and never on the other side of the road with the steering wheel on the other side of the car, I didn’t feel all that confident driving up a mountain in a top of the line Mercedes convertible. Thankfully the owner of the company who organised the driving tour was nice enough to drive us up to Lake Titisee himself! It was a beautiful drive and an amazing area. We only had one full day there but we got to do some archery, went up the highest mountain in the area, explored Titisee, had black forest cake in the black forest and relaxed lake side with some lemonade. The hotel we were staying at was the Alemannen Hof and they had the NICEST staff who were impeccably well dressed. Enjoy!


IMG_4324 IMG_4332 IMG_4339

IMG_4440 IMG_4368 IMG_4404 IMG_4412

IMG_4473 IMG_4423
IMG_4488 cropped IMG_4554

IMG_4569 IMG_4578 IMG_4698 IMG_4603 IMG_4607 IMG_4641 IMG_4642 IMG_4669 IMG_4678
IMG_4702 IMG_4708 IMG_4737 IMG_4748 Lake Titisee From My Window Panorama Lake Titisee Panorama







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