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Sponsored post Pt.2 – Flights to Alicante

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This is a sponsored post, I don’t really have any policies on sponsored posts, if I did then I would link you to them, but in the mean time If you want to pay me to write something or provide a link then sure, I’ll do it provided it’s not for porn or mass puppy genocide or something like that. So there you go, I suppose that’s a policy. If you are against me writing for money, then YOU can pay me NOT to put these sponsored posts on MY website and it will remain an ad free area. Enjoy.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Spain and you live in the UK, then you might really enjoy this post, if not then this might be for you, so I’ll put in some pretty pictures. I’ve been to spain and really enoyed it. We spent most the time In Barcelona, but I quickly googled Alicante and it looks stunning. Much more cultural and that makes for much better travel photos. Resorts and capitol cities kind of look the same these days, so people tend to be more interested in “the beaten track” or “the road less travelled”. In my opinion there are two reasons for this:

a) They are interested in going to the area so they are looking for information and great photo locations.

or the more likely

b) They like to look at cultural areas and feel adventurous, but prefer to spend their time sitting on a beach sipping cold drinks with little umbrellas and so much fruit in them that it could be classified as a watery salad.

Either way, why not spend some time over the sea in Alicante!

As promised, here are some pretty travel pictures that I took.




Watch The Ships Come In

Where Time Stands Still

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