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New York is ok…I guess…

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Lately it seems like all my fancy trendy friends are heading to the big apple, New York city. whenever I ask them why they are going there it’s always the same answers:

  1. The culture
  3. The buildings

New York does have some pretty amazing architecture, but so does Melbourne!

This was taken down just one of the many alleyways here. I love cobblestone, I wish there was more of it because it looks great in photos but I know that it’s not so great for women in heals, so I’ll forgive Melbourne for not having more.

A black and white panorama shot at the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale
If you’re after art-deco buildings then look no further than the corner of Elizabeth and Lonsdale! Mitchell House is one of the coolest throwbacks in town!

If, like all my friends, you’re curious about flights to new york then click that link and start planning your trip! Happy travels partner!
Early morning Melbourne, an example of the classic Melbourne architecture amongst the newer buildings

Got a thing for taxi’s? We have those too! Sure, not as many and they have in New York, but you know…the more isn’t always the merrier…
A shot of the tram track at sunset on the corner of Flinders and Market St

Or maybe you just love seeing the sun set reflecting off all the windows and steel of the city. It a picture of poetry that you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to see…

Oh who am I kidding? You can’t compete with New York. The city is iconic! Every movie that revolves around fashion is shot there. They have Time Square, Central Park, Grand central station, Madison Square gardens, The Chrysler building, the Empire State building, the UN and the Statue of Liberty! How can anyone compete with that? And it’s not just the amazing buildings, the museums like the metropolitan museum of art, the museum of natural history, you can go ice skating in rockefeller centre, go see the animals in the bronx zoo, the shopping on fifth avenue or even better on madison avenue. Catch a game at Citi field or time your trip right to catch the macy’s day parade. If anything there is too much to do in New York, that’s right, I said it, there is too much to do. So there.

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