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Olympus SRF-11 Ringflash Set

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The ring flash. If you are going into fashion or model photography then at some point you are going to HAVE to buy one of these bad boys. They rock. Not only do they provide really even, flattering light, they also create really cool light reflections in your models eyes. Really makes them pop. Just take a look below!

I couldn’t Find a website to give credit to for that one, but his name on the forum was “cathpa”, so if you know him, say thanks for the example and tell him to put his website in his signature. Self-promote, people! The other main use is for macro photography. Placing the flash around and just behind the lens ensures that the lens it’s self doesn’t cast a shadow. Again, really even light yada yada yada.

So let’s take a look at some rather pricey bits of kit as I introduce you to some great quality ring flash units. Oh and before any of you point out I didn’t mention the Alienbees ABR-800, it’s pretty big and I just want some strobe-equivalent ring flashes. But by all means, Google it.

Olympus SRF-11 Ringflash Set

Lowest price I could find: AU$964.17 from Youprice but Cnet review has them priced in US dollars for $479.00 and at the current exchange rate it makes the price in Australian dollars $513.37. Might be worth importing this one.

From the Olympus website:

“The FS-STRF11 ring flash set is designed for dental, medical or industrial photography, as well as flash macro photography of small objects such as jewelery, coins, stamps, or small surface areas in forensic applications. Characteristic ringflash lighting provides an even and shadowless illumination. Comprising the RF-11 Ring Flash and the FC-1 Macro Flash Controller. Flash output is a maximum GN11 (ISO100) in TTL Auto mode with an Olympus E-System camera, and variable from GN 0.7-11 in Manual mode”

As you can see, Olympus isn’t much help. Also, this is a VERY expensive ring flash. But will the price be reflected in the results? Well this unit is very easy to use, but it is also lacking in some features. On top of that, the controller is also used to control the Olympus twin flash, so you can’t use some of the functions with the ringflash. While this unit looks slightly rectangular, that’s because of the four modeling lights in each corner. This for me is a huge plus, especially for a ringflash. The modeling lights will show you where your flash is going to go off and allow you to make sure the reflection is going to be in the center of your subjects eye. If you are going to be repeatedly firing off a flash two feet away from  your models face, I’m sure they will be glad you bought this model too.

Example photos

But if that seems a bit expensive, then you can check out the ringflash I made for $6.50! CLICK HERE

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