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Old And New

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I’m a big fan of second hand guitars. They have that well-loved, worn in feel. The neck and bridge have settled and the pick ups have slightly rusted, giving it a nice warm sound. That’s why I always keep my eyes open at Cash Converters and OP shops for pre-loved guitars. My bass guitar was the first stringed instrument I ever learnt how to play. I got it from a second hand store really cheap and it lasted for quite a while before any problems started showing up. It had a few dents and a lot of scratches, but that just meant I didn’t have to be careful with it. I eventually glued tartan fabric over the top of the scratch plate and gave it a real punk look. In the background of this photo you can see my 5th guitar. It’s a brand new 1950’s re-issue “Classic Vibe” Telecaster. A beautiful guitar and other than a really cheap package deal no name guitar, the first brand new guitar I ever built. At first I was afraid to play it over tiles and cleaned it after every play. It’s a funny contrast between the two; one very worn and ragged around the edges and one in pristine condition. Thing is they both sound and play great, even though one cost seven times more than the other. Just goes to show it’s not the name of the guitar that should sway your decision, but the sound of the thing!

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