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My Photo Of The Week – Ruby!

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This week we have an adorable dog named Ruby!




The details:

Camera – Nikon D60

Lens – AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4G

Mode – Manual

Focal Length – 50mm

Shutter speed – 1/160th

Aperture – f/1.4

ISO – 400

Format – RAW

Lighting – Fluorescent tube


I love to shoot people’s pets. With a camera, not, not with like a weapon or anything like that. I love to PHOTOGRAPH people’s pets. I probably like it so much because I used to have so many and for a long time I’ve had none. I’ve had everything from dogs and cats to lizards and bats. That rhymes and it’s true, how bout that?

This shot was taken on our trip back to Brisbane. We were only there for two or three days and we were working the whole time so don’t feel bad if we didn’t tell you we were coming up. The lighting conditions were not ideal for this shot. One long fluorescent bulb to light the whole room and I don’t like to push the ISO on the D60 because it just can’t hack it and the shots end up very grainy. For pet photos you really need to use a fast shutter speed because hey, pet’s don’t know to sit there and pose, and they probably don’t care either. Ruby in particular likes to move around quite a bit. Every little noise she heard she would turn her head to see what it was. I was lucky to snap this one up quick while she was focused on something outside.

She’s getting pretty old and she puts that blanket on herself most of the time, but sometimes she’s shiver and whine while you’re looking until you put the blanket on top of her. Little character things like these are what you’re going to remember about your pets when they are gone and that’s why if you’re going to photograph your dog/cat/iguana/emu then make sure it’s while they are doing something unique to their character. It might take a while to get the shot, but the lifetime of memories will be worth it!


  1. nice save there.

    for a minute I thought this might be a eulogy or some sick trophy post.

    Instead it filled with cuteness and puppies!

  2. It easily could have gone either way.

  3. Aww, what a sweetie! I think my pets are my favorite things to take pictures of. We actually have two more additions to our family that I need to take some shots of!!

  4. well I’m glad it settled on the cute version. Because I was eating dinner at the time and didn’t really feel like tasting it for a second time!

    I love taking photos of animals! there so much fun but can be so hard to pin down!!!

    my cat at the moment is all black so until i got my new camera its been hard to take photos of him!

    however my German Shepard back home in camera is a camwhore.

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