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My Own Light Painting

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If you have been following this blog for the last week or so, then you would remember me mentioning I would make my own light painting gallery, and here it is! It’s nothing fancy as compared to the work featured in my post on light painting here, but I am pretty proud of my angry nocturnal fire-breathing poolside flower monster. The colored flower piece was done by holding colored pieces of cellophane in front of the torch for the stems and petals. The shutter speed was just over 7 minutes with an aperture of 8 and ISO of 100. The love heart was done with a lighter and the weird one with the moon and the trees is actually done by throwing a big ‘ol log onto the fire which shot embers up into the air. The one of my girlfriend on the bed was done by dragging Christmas lights  off the bed and the ball of light was done by tying a torch to a piece of string and spinning it around while turning around in a circle. Note to anyone going to attempt this, it’s harder than it looks and for the love of god shield your face!

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