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Mega Photo Post!

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Well as most of you will know, Violet and I recently spent a week in Melbourne with our good friends Candice and Craig. During which visit I took over 700 photos. With that in mind I think I have done quite well scaling back the amount of photos I put on here, but having said that I have gone a little bit over board with how many photos are in this post. I’ll credit and comment on the ones that deserve it and as always, if you want to know how something was done, just ask. That’s how you learn, by asking. If enough people ask about one photo I might make it a detailed tutorial post so you can see every last detail. Click on the photos to make them bigger and enjoy!

The always beautiful Violet Le Beaux trying on dresses at Circa Vintage

Chinese new year celebration ritual during which Mr.Gadget came out of no where and said hello, what a nice guy!

I like unflattering self portraits as evident by this one

Another Violet

Super Kawaii Mama trying on outfits at Circa Vintage

Violet Le Beaux And Super Kawaii Mama in china town

These bunnies were picked up from a little store called Harem and they make just the best subjects

Taken inside Melbourne Central

I have named this photo “Seduction”

Parasols at dawn! Yes, this was at Circa Vintage

a Yamaha Virago, my favorite bike made after the 1970’s

More from Circa

When these bunnies release an album, this will be the cover. Look out chipmunks.


  1. Capitol photography old bean…


    I love them! I must get a set! I must I must I must!

    Great photos!

  3. I know! They aren’t mine though =( Candice De Ville bought them while we were staying with her. The whole store seemed slightly surreal, I wish I had been allowed to take photos, but the shop assistant wasn’t sure if the manager would approve. Thanks for the comment!


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