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Marumi DRF-14

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The ring flash. If you are going into fashion or model photography then at some point you are going to HAVE to buy one of these bad boys. They rock. Not only do they provide really even, flattering light, they also create really cool light reflections in your models eyes. Really makes them pop. Just take a look below!

I couldn’t Find a website to give credit to for that one, but his name on the forum was “cathpa”, so if you know him, say thanks for the example and tell him to put his website in his signature. Self-promote, people! The other main use is for macro photography. Placing the flash around and just behind the lens ensures that the lens it’s self doesn’t cast a shadow. Again, really even light yada yada yada.

So let’s take a look at some rather pricey bits of kit as I introduce you to some great quality ring flash units. Oh and before any of you point out I didn’t mention the Alienbees ABR-800, it’s pretty big and I just want some strobe-equivalent ring flashes. But by all means, Google it.

The Marumi DRF-14

Lowest price I could find: $299.00 from Camera Action Camera House

From the Marumi website:

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That’s right, the website says nothing. Well, not nothing, they do give the technical specifications and a little image with numbers that tells you what everything is and does. Something I’m sure you have noticed is that this unit is considerably cheaper than the others. This is because it’s from a slightly less reputable brand and the build quality is not as good. The flash, much like the Olympus, is an actual ring, instead of two lights behind frosted plastic, which will redirect the light into a ring. I have heard very mixed reviews on this product. People vary on the results, recycling times and even if it works or not.

I would be very weary about purchasing this product. So why put it in my top 5? Because it is by far the cheapest option if you want a ringflash and don’t feel like saving up the money. I would advise that when/if you buy one of these make sure you ask about the return policy, just for some peace of mind 😉

Example Photos

But if that seems a bit expensive, then you can check out the ringflash I made for $6.50! CLICK HERE

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