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Kids Will Be Kids

Posted in Portfolio, Portraits | 2 comments

Taken in Singapore at the Asia Pacific Blogger Awards, this is Martin who is one of the owners of NuffNang Australia and one of the parenting blogger’s kids. They were having such a fun time together I thought I’d snap a quick picture. I love pictures like these. Not staged, just completely natural. It’s sometimes harder to pull off since the subjects don’t usually know I’m taking a photo and people actually make some really funny faces when they are talking. I usually take 3 photos in quick secession though because one of those three is bound to have everyone looking great in it.


  1. Yes, people do make funny faces when they talk!

  2. You know it! Those photos don’t always have to be a waste though, If you get two funny looking shots and one great one you can always put them together as three pictures in one.

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