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Jazz Man

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I am incredibly awkward in front of the camera. I get this Chandler from Friends kind of smile and I look really uncomfortable, even when I’m having a blast. That’s why I gave up trying to smile when I get my picture taken. Now I just pull some kind of funny or serious face or look off in the distance or something, anything to avoid looking creepy. There are a lot of creepy photographers out there and it is my professional ambition not to be one of them. You know the type, the ones who look like they use their ridiculously long lenses to take pictures of girls from really far away. I’m getting kind of far away from the point but i’ll bring it back, promise. I really felt like taking some musician photos but Kris was out partying and Nikki was busy so I decided to make them self portraits and here is how I bring it back. If i’m in the shot then I have to pull a funny face to not look creepy. I decided to go for the double whammy, not looking at the camera and funny face. All in all I think it turned out pretty well. The mustache was grown for 3 weeks just to annoy my girlfriend. I joked about growing one out and she laughed and said I couldn’t do it even if I wanted to. Don’t worry, I no longer have one.

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