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It’s begun!!!!

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Hello! I recently visited Singapore completely gratis courtesy of NuffNang and had a blast! I Met a lot of people, made some great friends and after being surrounded by bloggers for the whole trip it left me feeling very inspired. I have had this blog for a while and never really done anything official with it. It’s had some previous client work and some of my photos as well as some product reviews, but from this day forth it shall be (drum roll please) an amateur photography blog!!! Yay!!!

Now you may be saying “Jimmy, what makes you think you are qualified to write a blog on photography, did you take a special class? Or at the very least read a book?”. Well no, no I haven’t, unless you count magazines, which I personally do. I have, however, been an amateur photographer for about a year now and I didn’t have anyone around to answer questions or tell me what I was doing wrong when I started so I had to spend hours browsing the Internet, compiling information. So after much thought I have decided to share my knowledge and experience with the world, hopefully making the transition from a point-and-shoot to a DSLR that little bit easier.

Stick around for my first official post – “Choosing the right camera for you, aka – Big Camera, Little Budget

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