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Inspiration Monday – Trey Ratcliffe

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Toady’s Inspiration Monday is the phenomenal photographer and travel blogger Trey Ratcliff from Stuck In Customs. Before I get into Trey’s amazing photography I want to touch REALLY quickly on HDR photography.

HDR stand for “High Dynamic Range” and while I’m not going to go into much depth right now, I will say that the process involves taking three or more images of different exposure levels (under exposed, properly exposed and over exposed) and merging them together. By doing this you are able to create an image that is closer to what the human eye actually sees OR phenomenal, almost surreal images with a wide array of colours and detail.

Trey Ratcliff, in my eyes, is the HDR master. I have actually mentioned his work on this site before in my Useful Photography iPhone Apps. He travels around the world and brings back the most amazing travel images I have ever seen.

I’ve done a fair bit of travelling in my day, but when we were going around the world I was 12-15 and my brother had Pokemon on gameboy…IN COLOR!!! So I spent most of my time looking over his shoulder and telling him where to go and what to do. I could kick myself now for not paying more attention and I REALLY wish I had taken some photos, but we didn’t have digital cameras back then. Well they did, but they cost around 5 grand and only took 250 photos per charge, not so much for me.

Trey does an amazing job of updating his blog regularly (much better than I do) and also offers great tutorials, reviews and discount codes! Woo! Something else that’s awesome about Trey’s site is that he organises his posts into cities and countries down the side, so if there are any cities or countries you’ve wanted to see, you can click there and see the best the best landscapes you’ll ever see of that area.



I had a really tough time picking images for this post, just because there are soooo many posts on his site and sooooo many amazing photos, you really have to go have a look for yourself.







Trey is also a fantastic artists. Not the same way photographers are usually called artists, this guy and draw and paint too! Sorry ladies, he’s taken.

He REALLY knows how to monetise as well, so you can support such amazing photography and improve your own by purchasing his HDR and post-processing DVD’s HERE and his e-books HERE. If you’re more of a casual photographer then check out his AMAZING iPhone app HERE or even his iPad (and iPhone) backgrounds HERE.

To find more of Trey on the web:

Twitter handle – @TreyRatcliff


Google thingy


And that web address one more time to save you from scrolling up the top Stuck In Customs.

One more thing, he DOES have an affiliate program where you can make money by pimping out his stuff, but I’m not part of it, so I don’t want to hear any “Oh you’re just saying he’s so great so that YOU can make some money”. I just think when photographers are nice enough to share the knowledge that probably took them years to master, they should be acknowledged. Done!

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