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Inspiration Monday – Todd Owyoung

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Inspiration Monday is back on track! When I first got started in Photography all my friends were in bands. I actually used to be in most of those bands but when you’re self employed and trying to get a business off the ground, you don’t have much time to jam with your friends. Still, even if I couldn’t be on stage I could at least be documenting the journey, so I started to look around for examples of gig photography and THAT is how I stumbled upon Todd Owyoung.

Not only is Todd just a phenomenal photographer, but a lot of the time he’ll tell you exactly what lens, camera and sometimes even camera setting he uses to capture some of the best moments in music history. Isn’t that nice of him!?!? Say thank you class. *Thaaank you Mr.Owyoung*

Seriously, how cool would his job be? One of my favourite things about his site is the diversity of the bands that he shoots. A lot of the lesser-known bands that I love hardly ever come to Australia unless they are playing at a big concert where there’s going to be so many people and such a small stage that it’s not even worth going, so I get to live vicariously through Todd’s photos. He even gives a little recap of the atmosphere and energy of the band to go with the photos, which I think is a nice touch.

On top of the great photos, great tips, tricks and advice he also does reviews! Seriously, even if you have no interest in music, go check out his website. He doesn’t just do live music photography, he also does portraiture stuff!

Something I’d like to see more on his site? Some Psychobilly acts! Obviously he shoots who he gets paid to shoot (and probably acts he wants to shoot as well) but a lot of Psychobilly bands put on fantastic shows with great stage makeup and customised instruments. Examples? Mad Sin, The Nekromantix, Demented Are Go (are they still doing things?) and to a lesser extent The Horrorpops.

Todd’s website is called I Shoot Shows and it’s FULL of useful knowledge, so check it out and he also has a flickr HERE. Now I KNOW that I have quite a few American readers (even more than Australian for some reason) and you can do Todd a big favour by shopping for gear through this LINK. It’s the least you can do right? You’re going to buy it anyway!

That concludes this weeks Inspiration Monday, but check back soon for my article on how to buy camera gear in Australia (It doesn’t have to be as expensive as it is!)

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