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Inspiration Monday – Olenka Dobrova!

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Hello readers! There are so many absolutely fantastic photographers out there who don’t get the recognition they deserve (and some who do) and I thought you might be interested in which photographers inspire me to try harder. This is going to be another weekly series since I think we all could use a little inspiration on Mondays and to kick it off we have a personal favourite of mine, Olenka Dobrova!

Olenka is a photographer/Makeup artist from Kiev in the Ukraine which explains some of her breathtaking locations! I used to live in Moscow, Russia and the buildings and sculpture in that part of Europe is just a photographers dream. They have chandeliers and paintings in their metro stations more impressive than I’ve seen in any manor or mansion. But a great location is only going to take you so far in photography. Olenka’s ability to bring out the emotion in her photos and make her subject shine is the reason I wanted to make sure she was the first Inspirational photographer I posted.  I have an “inspirational photos” folder on my computer and I’m pretty sure I have every photo she has taken that I’ve been able to find on the web in there.

Just a heads up, if you are at work, the links I’ve provided at the end direct you to her portfolio which is mainly women not wearing much and even though it’s all done extremely tastefully, it might not be something you want your boss to catch over your shoulder. MIGHT be NSFW, depending on how strict your system is.

Vintage-esq post production work such as she does is often over done and it’s easy to get carried away. I’m not sure how she does it or what she uses but to me her photos always just look perfect and natural. Almost like that’s just what it looked like when she took the photo. I could gush all day, but instead why don’t you just enjoy some spectacular photography?

Olenka often uses the username BeBeauty and her website is HERE, but if you don’t speak Ukrainian, here is a link to her DEVIANT ART which is updated fairly regularly as well as her FLICKR. Do yourself a favor and go to those websites to see some great photography!

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