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Inspiration Monday – Jackie Luo

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My goodness! A whole week without posts, well I have a good reason for that. Two of them actually, the first is that I took EVERYTHING off my computer, completely wiped the thing and am in the process of gradually putting things back where they belong, so that’s been keeping me busy. the second is that I got a brand spankin’ new camera! A D7000 and I’m loving it, so I have been taking photos of anything and everything. Oh! also my mom came to visit and that kept me busy for a few days. All in all it’s been a busy week, so sorry about the posts but I’m getting back into it this week, kicking off with Inspiration Monday!

I can’t remember how I stumbled across Jackie Luo’s work, I think it may have been either Deviant Art or Stumble Upon, what ever it was, I’m really glad that I did because whenever I look trough her work I’m envious of how she is able to create such emotion with her photos.

There were plenty of times when I was younger, had no idea what I was going to do later in life, that I did watch the sun rise from a parking lot, hung out under a lamp post and collapsed on a giant steering wheel (’63 valiants had awesomely huge steering wheels) and wondered where I was going. Even if you didn’t have these exact experiences, I think everyone has gone through a time that would help them relate to Jackie’s work. If you haven’t then I can say without a doubt that you missed out, and that you should go lay in the grass in the park immediately.

I was wondering how she was able to capture what it was like to be young so perfectly, then I read her bio and it all made sense. She’s just 16!!! Amazing. By the quality of her work I assumed she was 30-something with YEARS of experience under her belt, but she’s only been shooting since she was 15! Talk about being a natural. She doesn’t even just stick to digital photography, she also works in the medium of film. That kind of puts me to shame because I’ve never had the patience for film. I’ve tried a few times with my dad’s old Cosina CT-1A, but then when I went to pick up the prints from K-mart (I know, sad right?) they were a write off. This happened twice before I called it quits.



I hope you all will take some time to go over and have a look at Jackie’s website and her Flickr page because it really is inspiring stuff. Good to be back readers!!

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