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How To Take a Photo of You Playing With Yourself!

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Guess what! Well if you follow Jimmy America Photography on Facebook you don’t really have to guess. And if you don’t like me on facebook, what’s wrong with you? You don’t want 5% off any jobs or purchases you make with Jimmy America Photography while getting witty and interesting updates about how I’m failing to stickto my latetst health kick!? Quality stuff right there….

Anyhow, back to the book. No wait! That was the part you were supposed to guess! DAMN IT!!! Ah well, I finally finished my portfolio book and got it printed and it looks great, so expect a review of that coming up soon, but in the mean time I want to share a photo with you. While I was putting my book together I had to go back through all my photos and find my very best work to put in this book. In one of the folders I found this funny photo that I was super excited about when I first shot it, but looking back it’s not so impressive, but it got me thinking that people just getting into photography might find it really neat, just like I did at one point. So I am going to show you how to take a photo with the same person in it twice!

I used to play poker quite a bit. I’d play it with my friends, my family, on my phone I think the only place I never tried was online at those site like partypoker and that was only because I didn’t have a credit card at the time. I was actually pretty good back in the day, but one night I decided to take a photo of me playing poker in my two poker personas. The relaxed friendly one I played with my friends and then the serious guarded one when I played for money. I know, this is some seriously deep artistic stuff right here, but stay with me.

Before we begin I would like to point out, yes I used to smoke cigars. That more or less stopped the day I started dating someone who:

a) Cared about me


b) Had asthema

If you are trying to quit smoking, fall in love with someone who has asthema and your problem will be solved! Not that I really had trouble quitting, I was a pack-every-two-months kind of smoker. Is fort-month a thing? In any case, I don’t endorse smoking. A lot of my friends had a heck of a time quitting and while mine smelled like cherries and chocolate (manly stuff, I know) the after smell stinks!!!! and the taste in your mouth the morning after a big night of smoking is one of the worst things ever. So listen to whatever anti-smoking mascot you crazy kids have these days and don’t do it!

Start by setting up your camera on a tripod.

Then pick a goof focal point that’s going to be in both photos and focus on that. Once it’s focused you might want to switch it into manual focus mode just because the less your photos change in between shots the more seamless this is going to be.

This part will be easier if you have a remote but if you don’t just use your cameras built in timer on it’s longest setting. Hit the shutter release if it’s on a timer and get in place for your first photo, if like me you have a remote then you just have to get in place and trigger the shutter from there.



So now we have our first photo and what a gem it is! Why yes, those are ghostbuster pyjama pants and yes, they are as comfy as they look. Now head back to the camera and trying your best not to move it, set the timer for your next shot, then repeat what you did in your next photo. If this is your first time, try not to overlap your poses because it’s going to be trickier to mask out in photoshop later.

Second shot done! Now just upload them into photoshop into the same document on separate layers. The easiest way to do this is go File > Scripts > Load files into stack and pick your files. Then simply add a layer mask to your top layer This is found at the bottom of your layers window.

Now with a black paint brush, paint where you want the image below to come through on your layers mask which is the white rectangle next to your image on the layer with a mask.

Add some contrast, a bad white balance and tadaa! A photo of me playing with my self. I’m getting motivated to do some more complex photos like this now, but if you give it a try then link it in the comments below so everyone can enjoy!


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