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How to make a Cinemagraph – the FAST way!

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how to make a cinemagraph

I’ve seen a few way to make cinemagraphs and a few of them involve copying and pasting individual video frames into seperate layers and just doing things in really round about ways. Photoshop CAN work with video now, you just need to import and then export it in a specific format and it’s MUCH faster. So enjoy this video on how to make this cinemagraph!

how to make a cinemagraph

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  1. Thanks! One tip I have for anyone else, is to see the checkered background when you paint black, you have to hide the first layer otherwise it doesn’t checker it out. Another thing you can do is use ‘ \ ‘ on your keyboard and it will paint it red so you can see what is being erased 🙂 Otherwise this was a simple tutorial and I made my first cinemagraph and it was fun!

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