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Got The Time?

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I love the look of these old clocks. The design it just brilliant, the only problem is the ticking!!! It’s enough to drive me mad, so we don’t keep ours wound up. This one even has a glow in the dark face so you can tell what time it is at night, too bad the ticking is so loud you can’t get to sleep. The alarm, while effective, is a little too jarring as well. While it might wake you up, it doesn’t make for an enjoyable morning. I took this shot while vacationing at Mooloolaba. I love going to the second hand “OP” shops there. Since there is such a large retirement community, they always have the best vintage goods. We picked this clock up for two dollars and it’s the perfect memento of our trip. Since we don’t wind the clock the hands don’t move and when the hands don’t move it’s like time is standing still and really, isn’t that exactly what it’s supposed to feel like when you’re on vacation?

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