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First Weekend With The 5D Mark II

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Last weekend my parents and brother came down to visit Melbourne from Brisbane which is always fun because:

a) I love to see my family


b) I love to show off Melbourne

I think they would love living here but they ALWAYS come in the middle of winter when it’s just miserably cold and grey. Unfortunately that’s also when the footy season is and my dad is a big Collingwood fan (go the pies!). I’m getting off track. This time when they came down they had a HUGE present for me! I have now switched to Canon because they bought me a full frame 5D Mark II, as well as three canon L lenses and a 100mm macro!!! There was also countless accessories to go with it and oh my god I am just a kid at Christmas with all this fancy shmancy new gear. The whole kit actually belonged to a photographer I really admire but he was selling it so that he could downsize to a more compact shooting system. So I spent the whole weekend snapping away at absolutely everything I saw and I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

It is SO easy to take great photos with this set up and because the files are so much bigger and more detailed I am going to try to open on online store here on the site so that you can buy prints directly from me. I have sold a couple of my prints as canvas and they look spectacular but I usually have to scale up my images to fit and with this bad boy I don’t have to! Stay tuned!

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  1. fullframe for the win, your photos are already fantastic, having a new camera just made you 10 times better!

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