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Family Christmas Portraits

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Christmas portrait

Christmas Portraits


Well when the shops start putting up their decorations and the adds for hamper king start showing up on TV you know it’s time to book your family photo for Christmas. If you’ve never sent out a family picture with your Christmas card, maybe you should consider it! Let’s be honest, you get the card, you say oh that’s nice, it’s up for about 30 or so days depending on how vigilant you are about taking down your decorations after Xmas (ours are usually up till Valentines day, but that’s ok, we have a pink tree) and then the card gets chucked in the bin. If you put a photo in with the card it’s like a little present! Your friends, family and loved ones can collect and trade them and then you become like baseball cards! Before you know it you’ll be at a reunion and off in the background you’ll hear “Do you have the ’09 Smith family? I’ll trade you my rare 2012 where Marg is blinking PLUS an ’08 and ’09 of rex the dog”. You’ll have to wear sunglasses and always carry a sharpie with you to sign autographs at any family-related event, maybe even take out some restraining orders against paparazzo uncles.

All that may or may not happen, but even if it doesn’t you will have a nice reminder of every year that you celebrate together as a family. You can watch how everyone grows up over the years and that is like a gift to your future self. While I will shoot whatever my clients ask for I much prefer not to take shots in front of a mottled backdrop where everyone is looking slightly to the left. Instead, how about taking a photo in a place that means something to you that will be looked back on with fond memories and maybe something a little creative. Matching sweaters optional.

Christmas portrait

That’s my family portrait this year. It was taken a month ago when our puppy was just 9 weeks and it’s amazing how much she’s already grown since then. She grew out of the puppy fat and is already looking like a small dog. All of my clients photos receive the same amount of attention to detail that I put into my own Christmas portrait.

I don’t like to put a starting from cost because every client has different needs and wants but if you’re in the Melbourne area and are thinking about getting a Christmas Family Portrait this year, why not get in touch via the Contact page and see what I can do for you. Happy holidays!

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