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Engagement photography

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Melbourne Engagement Photographer

I’m always getting asked if I just shoot portraits or if I also do things like engagement photos. Well the answer is yes, I do and I thought I’d share some engagement photos from a lovely Melbourne couple I shot recently. There were so many of these photos that I loved and it was really hard to narrow it down, so sorry there’s quite a bit of scrolling to be done!

We spent the whole day going to various locations that meant something to them. Starting off on the Mornington Peninsula at Tuck’s Ridge Winery, we had a delicious lunch and got some photos. Unfortunately the sun was out while we ate and disappeared right when we decided to get some shots and it stayed away for most of the day. Still it was beautiful and thanks to the rain it was deserted so we didn’t have to share the winery with anyone else!


 Tuck's Ridge Winery engagement Photographer

After Tuck’s Ridge we moved just down the road to the Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens. It was closing up so once again it was very quiet but still no sun and a little rain!

Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens

Next was the beach to catch the sunset! We set up at Mount Martha to get some photos with the bright and colourful beach huts and luck for us the sun decided to come out again! Well, not entirely, but we were able to add a little warmth with a gold reflector and the clouds in the sky did make for some very dramatic looking photos!


The last place we went to was the University of Melbourne campus to get some more sophisticated photos and intimate photos as well as some light painting with sparklers in the gardens.

Click on any of the photos to make them bigger and if you are looking for a Melbourne engagement photographer, feel free to contact me via my CONTACT PAGE. Enjoy!

 Ashcombe Maze & Lavender Gardens Engagement Photographer




Tuck's Ridge Winery


 Tuck's Ridge Winery

 Tuck's Ridge Winery

 Tuck's Ridge Winery

Mount Martha


  1. AW MAN! I’m constantly amazed that how small this world is. I haven’t seen these guys in yearrrrrrrrrrrrrs. <3 You totally caught how playful they are with each other :3

  2. Thanks! =)

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