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Challenge Accepted! Sydney

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So Violet had a photoshoot and interview for an upcoming project and once again we got flown to sydney. Trip from hell. Storms, both flights were delayed, planes stuck on the runway, HUGE taxi rank lines, took nearly 2 hours to get from the hotel lobby to our room at 2 am and then had to be up at 6am, no breakfast etc. etc. Typical for us, every time we got to sydney it’s a disaster. Something about that city really hates us. But the BEST part of the trip was the photoshoot!

Full production number with MUA’s, hair stylists, set dressers, wardrobe people, the works! It was like heaven for me, everyone was incredibly nice and didn’t seem to mind me getting in the way. I shot a lot of video so I’m going to edit it together sometime soon, but after the shoot we had 8 hours to kill and nowhere to be so we went to The Galeries in town to grab some lunch and visit Kinokuniya. Unfortunately that only took all of about two hours, leaving us with 6 hours and nothing to do. Violet wanted to meet up with a friend who may or may not have been awake, so we sent out a text message and waited at a table for an hour. During this time I was so pumped from the photoshoot that I decided to set myself a challenge:

Take as many different kinds of photos as I could without moving from my seat using only my 50mm lens. 

Started with the obvious: my favorite person to photograph!

This guy couldn’t keep his eyes open

I was hoping to capture these people looking alone and then again when they finally met up with whoever they were waiting for, but they never came.

Violet couldn’t keep her eyes open either. If you haven’t tried it already, put your camera in B&W mode and try taking black and white specific photos.

For this one I switched back in to colour and set the exposure for 1.6 seconds, held it as still as I could for a second, then pointed the camera at the lights above and swirled it a bit for .6 seconds.

Some structural shots.

A new self portrait.

This one is only set to 1/3rd of a second and rested on the table to keep a sharp background.

And we end on a split toned B&W.

All of those taken from my seat, I took some images pointing directly upwards but the sky wasn’t particularly interesting. I also wanted to do some HDR stuff, but with no tripod it’s harder to do. Next time you’re stuck somewhere, take a look around and see what you can photograph!

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