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Canberra & The Human Brochure Pt1

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From the 15th to the 17th Canberra tourism invited a bunch of people to see the nations capital through the Human Brochure project. If you’re not from Australia then let me fill you in, if you’re not a politician you don’t go to Canberra. When I told people that I was going to Canberra the usual response was “why?”. Even the locals say that Canberra is only known for the three P’s:

  1. Pyrotechnics
  2. Porn
  3. Politicians

That’s because it used to be the only place in Australia that you could buy fireworks and X-rated nasty. But back in 2009 they banned the sale of fireworks, so Canberra doesn’t have much going for it, or so I thought!  The Human brochure broke canberra down into 4 categories:

  1. Food & Wine
  2. Family Fun
  3. Art’s & Culture
  4. Action & Adventure

We were selected for the Art’s and Culture group, they flew us over, put us up in an AMAZING hotel, fed me some of the best food I have ever had, planned 3 days worth of activities for us to enjoy and all they asked for in return was for us to tag things with #HumanBrochure! I can do that! Everything that got tagged was then put up on the website so even if you didn’t get to come, you could enjoy it through our lenses. Ok, I think that’s enough of an introduction, Let’s get into the trip!!!



I’m trying to eat healthier, so I appreciated the healthy snack, but this was a morning flight, give me a damn breakfast!




I am a big fan of Hotels. I have done quite a bit of travelling in my young life (I’m young, shut up!) and along with travel comes hotels. My absolute favorite hotel I ever stayed in was in Paris when I was 13. They had these couches made out of various guitar, violin and other  instrument cases with huge red velvety cushions so it was both comfy and awesome. The room had 6 rooms in it and it was HUGE. Since then I haven’t been overly impressed with many hotels, but the East Hotel was pretty damn cool. I don’t know if it was just because I figured they were paying for us to do all these things, so the accommodation would be sub-par and I had low expectations but East was excellent. Just when you walk in they have a giant projector that scrolls through images on a wall two floors high, vintage bikes that you can borrow for free, three jars of free candy, two different types of water, art everywhere! Apparently it had only been finished in the last 6 months so it’s really dark, modern and clean which I love. Plus it was only 10 minutes drive from the airport!



Then we got up into the room and were happy to see that it was just the lobby that was impressive! We had one of the apartment suites so there was a full kitchen complete with oven, stove and dishwasher.


The art on the walls had been purchased from Redbubble, which is cool because it goes directly to the artist. Even I sell on redbubble, so who knows, maybe at some point they’ll be buying from me!



They had a newsletter that they put out done up to welcome us “humans” and after about 15 minutes they greeted us with handmade chocolates, fancy notebooks and a little giftbag full of canberra info!





Since I have been living in Melbourne for over two years now I figured I should build a tolerance for coffee. I have been starting with $1 coffee’s from 711 and they are pretty good with 3 sugars and a tbsp of hot coco powder, but when I saw this Nesspresso machine I became intrigued. Then when I read that it was complimentary I really became interested! There were instructions and it said the red one was decaf, but I still had no idea what the other flavours were or how to set it to cappuccino or what cup size to use, so I winged it. It…didn’t go well.



We had about 4 hours to kill between checking in and going to our first and only event for the day which was the War Memorial, so we got some McDonalds and then Violet took a nap while I watched cartoons =) Then we met up infront of the hotel, got on a bus and were given the arm bands that we would be wearing for the next 3 days!



The Memorial was amazing.





They had dressed their usual tour guides in period-correct uniforms and they were all really knowledgable and fun! Not really a word that you would usually associate with a war memorial, but they did a great job!



My great grandfathers’ name is on the wall of those who died for our country, but I couldn’t find him in the limited amount of time before the tours began. I later found out that there is a locating feature on their website but the memorial wall had been locked up =( His name is Percy Watson and he died in France during WWI, I never got to meet him but I’m still very proud of him.


JimmyAmerica-009-#HumanBrochureAfter a quick tour of two or three exhibits we were ushered into a a grand hall with some more exhibits and LOTS of food. I will now commence a rant about one of the best pieces of meat I have ever had. So there where caterers walking around with various plates of food, but me being allergic to veggies couldn’t have much of what was going around. Normally I can just pick the green off and be on my way, but there weren’t any plates and we were standing so I could dispose of the plant matter. Some mini burgers and sushi went by. Apparently it was all really good, but I couldn’t try it =( Then, during a short movie about pilots I smelt them. I couldn’t see any caterers with them at first, only picking up a delicious smell of smoked meat and seeing the occasional bone left on a table. The lights came up and it looked like half the room had rib! Not fair! I started looking around, finally I made eye contact with a lovely lady who had some left! I started making my way over to her but them a swarm! She was ambushed and by the time I got there she was fresh out. Defeated I slunk back to Violet and started mingling again. But then, a miracle! She got a fresh plate and had come looking for me! I turned to see a plate full of delicious looking morsels laid out before me. I had heard someone say lamb chops, others said pork, all I know is that it was smoked and seasoned to perfection! They had some kind of white sauce to dip it in and it literally melted in my mouth. It. Was. Amazing. By the time I had stripped every last bit of meat off the bone they were gone. That’s when they announced the desert table was open and I couldn’t find any more caterers with the delicious mystery meat product =(














The desert table was pretty freaking epic though, so that helped lift my spirits. Cheese, fruits, cakes, puddings, tarts, crackers, printed cupcakes, I sampled a little bit of everything and it was amazing. All the food on this whole trip was soooooo good, but you’ll see more when we get to it! That capped off day 1, we went back to the hotel and crashed! Stay tuned for day 2!


  1. Can I just say, your photography keeps getting better and better! You’ve made canberra look so good, I totally want to take a trip there now!

  2. Do you know the magic of Fogo de Chao? Probably not. It’s a Brazillian steakhouse, but I like to call it a “ballet of meat”. Now I don’t know if every other Brazillian steakhouse is like this, but… I doubt it. It’s a non-stop, all you can eat meat parade. My in-law’s took Husband and I there once, and it was MAGICAL. It’s a set price for all adults and includes a salad bar (which is tre fancy and you should avoid), family style sides (which are delightful), and ALL THE MEAT YOU CAN EAT. Which is constantly brought around by waiters. Every waiter has a different kind of meat and as long as your meat coaster thing is green-side up they will constantly come and offer you meat (you can turn it over to red when you want them to stop). If you have your green side up too long and don’t accept meat, someone will come and ask if there was a certain meat you were waiting for and could they bring it to you. In fact my mother-in-law learned here that when I’m really happy (and good food makes me REALLY happy) I can’t stop giggling and this amuses her to no end. If I get a chance to go back soon, I will document the amazing meatness for you!

    Also……… is that weird that the only place you could buy porn is where all the politicians are? Is it still like that?

  3. *_* THAT SOUNDS AWESOME!!!! Very few places over here do all you can eat. Off the top of my head I can think of one, sizzler, but it’s not anything to write home about, it’s mostly just a salad bar with some nacho stuff and bolognese. Even brunch isn’t popular here and anywhere that does have it is very fru-fru so you can’t get the good stuff like bacon, sausage and pancakes =( It is weird about the politicians and porn, I think it’s still technically the law, but it’s not an overly enforced law. Too many horny police officers.

  4. Yes. Yes you may say that =) Thanks Kim! The museums were really cool, I wish I had more time to have a proper look around.

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