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Bourke St Piano Player

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Melbourne doesn’t have a licensing system for busking at the moment and while it’s a good thing because it means that anyone can give it a go and build some confidence it’s also a bad thing because there are more than a few people who just listen to their ipods and sing along into a megaphone. There are however two absolutely amazing buskers. A Japanese guy who plays county/blues in a one-man-band kind of deal with singing, slide guitar, drums and a harmonica and this man. He’s a really old man who plays a really old piano in an amazing hat, all of which are worse for wear. I would love to do a photo shoot with him so that I could try to capture all the details in his well worn face. I finally saw him in the Bourke street mall outside Myers when I had my camera, so I took a few pictures but he draws such big crowds it’s hard to get a photo without tourists in the background.What I wanted to do in this photo was to make it seem like he was more isolated and show the wear and tear on his hands and the piano.


  1. hey jimmy.finally got the time to check out ur site after tht photo shoot a few saturdays ago. anyway saw this guy yesterday and thought what an amazing pic tht’d be.unfortunately twas one of those days i didn’t lug my camera around w/ me. pretty rad how u edited it to give tht atmosphere. 😉

  2. Hey Nurul! Good to hear from you! This guy is fantastic, I could listen to him for hours! Your pics will be up on this site soon btw.

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