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Black And White Photos From The Suzuki Night Market

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I’ve always seen advertisements for the Suzuki Night Markets on facebook, at the Queen Victoria Markets, in Melbourne brochures all over the place actually, but I’ve never thought to actually go until a friend of mine went and said the food was great. Being a lover of food I thought to myself, “Hey self, we gotta get in on that”. We missed it last week because…I forget, but last night we finally made it! I was also recently given a bunch of issues of Black And White Photography magazine by Violets’ dad and was really inspired by Christophe Agou’s work in the New York subway to go out and get my black and white on!

You might not know this but if you have a Nikon DSLR (probably works with other brands too) you can set your shooting mode to black and white. If you shoot in RAW then the images appear in black and white on the back of your camera and in most photo software but all the colour information is still recorded, so you’ll never say “great photo, wish I had shot this in colour though =(” You might not say the sad face, but you’ll think it. Actually you wont, because like I said you won’t be saying that…is that right? I think so. Anyway, I set my camera to shoot in black and white in RAW, took some test shots around the house and then we set off to the markets! If you’re looking for a way to round out your photography, I DEFINITELY suggest you give this a go!

A little bomb figurine from Mario. It’s full of candy, yum! But this photo actually sums up Violet pretty well, you can see her art work at the bottom, her blogging diary in the middle and sweetness on top!

You might not think this is black and white, but it technically is. This was done using a process called split toning and it involves taking a black and white photo and assigning one color to the shadows (I chose a red-ish pink) and another to the highlights (I went with yellow). Mixed together it came out a little green, but still looks good!

Melbourne’s old trams. I was hoping that by using a slower shutter speed (I think I used 1/15th) I could have a sharp location with a bit more motion blur from the tram, but it wasn’t going fast enough. Now I wished I had used a faster shutter speed and gotten EVERYTHING in sharp.

I always love to look down tram lines and without color to distract you, form and shape become much more interesting!

This photo was shot literally from the hip. Violet wanted a photo of the puppy, but didn’t want to make it obvious so I rested the strap on my shoulder, hit the shutter twice and hoped for the best!

I love to photograph musicians but typically we got there just as he started packing up.

I had no idea there would be this many people. It was like the entire city had decided to show up!

Another split-toned image, this one is in yellow and blue but I kept the saturation much lower. I figured it’s be perfect for Australia day!

Even though we were under very open air pavilions the air was thick with smoke from all the food stalls, so thick that you could see the light beams cutting through.

I had to squat down for aaaages to get this shot and copped a knee to the head a couple of times becuase, well you saw how packed it was, but this is the shot I set out to get and I got it, so I was happy. Besides, i’ve been hit in the head so many times I don’t even feel it anymore.

And from the other side, this food looked and smelled sooooo good!

Try putting your model (in this case the love of my life) between you and a strong light source. This makes a nice ring/hair light and can yield some cool results when the bare light just peaks around the side of your model.

Well that’s all from me today, hope you enjoyed my adventure to the Suzuki Night Market and my adventure into black and white! All these photos and more are available for purchase from my online store, just click the photo you like to be taken to the gallery, thanks for reading!

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