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Bargain! Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8

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Do you remember these posts? Usually I find bargains with more things in the listing like a camera with a few lenses and maybe a flash or two. If you have never seen one of my bargain posts before then you should know that I am addicted to eBay and more recently, Gumtree. I love to spend HOURS scouring the web looking for great camera bargains. I never buy anything because I’m self-employed which is actually a synonym for poor! (Also, Word has no synonym for the word synonym, any body else find that amusing? No? Just me? Moving on then…)(Seriously? It’s funny!) So my girlfriend says I either have to stop looking or find a use for looking at cameras for hours a day, and here it is!!! Bargains, where I get to live vicariously through you!!!


On today’s Bargain we have a Nikon 35-70mm f/2.8. These were made from 1987 straight through to 2007. That’s two decades of life and in the camera world that’s quite the achievement. In fact this lens was even made AFTER its replacement came out. You can see the Gumtree listing HERE.

You might be saying that this lens looks a bit crap and old compared to your fancy new ‘g’ type lenses, and yes it does look old but when it was originally made this was the flagship midrange-zoom professional lens that Nikon offered. At the time it was probably worth more than a grand if you correct for inflation. I couldn’t find a price on it when it first came out, but if you look at the prices of today’s flagship lenses it’s a pretty safe bet. If you picked it up for $250.00 you would definitely have a bargain on your hands provided it doesn’t have any mould or scratches on the lens and lets face it, if this is one of the “made in 1987” lenses then there is a real chance of mould AND scratches. Make sure you ask people!

The only major downside of this lens is that because it’s old it doesn’t have an auto-focus motor built in, so you need to have one built into your camera if you want to use auto focus which means D90 or better. If you’re not sure if your camera has one or not, you can check out the link HERE.

And as always, 10 things to ask when buying second hand camera equipment:

  1. Is the lens scratched?
  2. Did you have any kind of UV/protective filter on the lens?
  3. Is there any mould in/on the lens?
  4. Is the sensor functioning properly?
  5. When was the last time the Camera/Lens was serviced?
  6. Can you give an estimation on how many photos have been taken since the last service?
  7. Did you clean the Lens/Sensor regularly?
  8. Do you have receipts to prove everything?
  9. Is anything not working/damaged?
  10. Would you like to give it to me for free? (hey, you never know!)

Well, that’s it for today. If you enjoy these posts then good news for you, in an effort to gain more readers and encourage more comments I’m going to start posting 5-6 times a week now and Bargain! Is going to be a regular post, so hazaa! If you don’t like them…tough?


  1. hahaha! You got it!

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