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A Simple Reminder

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I love Chinese food, at least I thought I did, but as my Malaysian friend points out I only like the white people version of Chinese food. She’s a food blogger and as a food blogger she has very high standards. Apparently “battered sweet and sour chicken” doesn’t cut it as Chinese food in her books. There was this one Chinese restaurant in Moscow that was like an oasis. You would walk through the cold snow that just cut your face like a knife because of the wind, the pools of slush caused from the underground sewage system melting the snow that had settled on the ground and the grey that seemed to just go on forever until you reached this door. Inside you were greeted with a rush of warm air and delicious fragrances. As the sound of pan pipe music filled your ears a smiling hostess would guide you down a winding path that wrapped around real bamboo shoots, sand gardens and various water fountains until you reached your table. Of course I always ordered the same thing, sweet and sour chicken, and at the end they would always bring us their signature dessert which was this amazing combination of coconut and perhaps lychee fruit combined with batter which was served cold and in dry ice that smoked everywhere and a little figurine for my brother and myself. I always held onto mine as a reminder of that restaurant and how even if it’s miserable outside, it can be however you want it to be inside.

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